10 years of experience

Transport and dispatch is not an art in itself, but developing individual mobility concepts is. At Ngwenya Travel & Tours we draw on over 10 years of experience while driving innovation. For us, keeping high standards is the minimum, but we like to go above and beyond that in our work.

We offer ideas

We distinguish ourselves through our service and offer our customers much more than just buses

We offer ideas for conception and planning, professional execution and a high level of transparency in our controlling and follow-up work.

Range of services

Our range of services is as diverse as our customers are we offer everything from:

Airport pick-up services

Inbound Tour Operators

Sports Tour Operators

Conference & Events companies

Schools/ Universities/ Churches

Government Departments

Private Hire and Functions

All our services come from the same source and are characterised by Ngwenya Travel & Tours dedication to quality, but we are also highly flexible and always aim to provide service that suits the participants and the occasion.