We Transport Growing Minds

At Ngwenya Travel & Tours we believe that education offers students and their families the foundation for productive and successful lives. We take great pride in our ability to support education by making sure children have safe, friendly and reliable transportation to and from school.

As the leading school transportation solutions provider in the Western Cape, Ngwenya Travel & Tours moves more passengers per day than all SAA airlines combined. We know the value in leveraging our best practices, technologies and processes to deliver quality transportation solutions. What sets us apart is our desire to build close, trusted partnerships with the districts we serve.

We recognise that with every stop, we have the ability to positively impact each student’s day, so they arrive at school ready to learn and be inspired. It’s something we’re committed to doing today, tomorrow, together.

When Everyone Wants the Same Thing,
Amazing things Happens

With more than a decade of experience in providing safe and reliable transportation to students across South Africa, we at Ngwenya Travel & Tours understand the priorities of today’s student community. We can help you build a transportation solution tailored to your community’s needs.

Our Vision

We provide easy and convenient mobility, improving quality of life by connecting people and communities.

The reality is this: managing transportation within your district can be a challenge. Securing capital for new buses, managing routing issues, recruiting and training drivers, and keeping parents and administrators informed all consume valuable time, and can take precious focus and resources away from where they’re needed most: the classroom.

Ngwenya Travel & Tours is committed to easing your daily transportation challenges and ensuring your students have the best possible ride to and from school.

Our Values

Committed to our customers:

We keep our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Dedicated to safety:

Always front of mind, safety is our way of life.

Supportive of each other:

We trust each other to deliver and work to help one another succeed.

Accountable for performance:

Every decision matters, we do the right thing to achieve our goals.

Setting the highest standards:

We want to be the best, continually seeking a better way to do things.