Transportation Solutions 

With Ngwenya Travel & Tours, there is no “all or nothing” plan. We work collaboratively with your district to create a plan that meets your community’s specific needs — now and in the future. Each partnership is completely unique, allowing you the flexibility to define and refine your plan and services as you go.

Full Service Home to School

Partnering with Ngwenya Travel & Tours for your student transportation allows you to improve performance while focusing on what matters most – providing quality educational programs to your students.

Door to Door daily scholar transport

One Way – Single trip per day, Monday – Friday, 

Adhoc passengers / Trips

Early Childhood Services

Getting to and from school or daycare can create anxiety for younger children and their parents. Ngwenya Travel & Tours strives to lessen that apprehension by providing your pre-school children with skilled, understanding drivers and monitors, as well as a stable and safe transportation environment.

Our Early Childhood Services focus on a child’s individual needs as well as education.

We teach young riders to learn safe ridership practices, including how to behave on a bus and how to get on and off the bus.

Transporting pre-kindergarten children requires specially equipped vehicles, but also specially trained drivers and monitors.

Ngwenya Travel & Tours drivers are the best in the industry. Our drivers, monitors and other employees who work with early childhood students undergo extensive hours of vigorous training and in-service updates each year.

Charter Bus Rentals

When you choose Ngwenya Travel & Tours for your charter services, you receive the expertise that comes with being the largest and safest school bus provider in the industry.


Because of Ngwenya Travel & Tours size and resources, we make charter services easily accessible and affordable for all groups. The average school bus rental is up to 50% cheaper than renting a coach bus.


Ngwenya Travel & Services offers charter services in Gauteng and Western Provinces. We can provide services for any size event — whether it’s one bus for 40 people or a fleet of buses to transport thousands of people. For your large events, we can provide everything from logistics planning to on site co-ordination.

Reliability and Safety:

Ngwenya Travel & Tours takes the same care with our charter services as we do when transporting the nation’s school children. Every bus is superbly maintained and driven by a skilled professional.

Local Drivers and Staff

Our drivers and management teams are familiar, trusted faces in your community. We take pride in hiring and empowering local people who have as much passion as you do about getting your students to school safely and on time. With operations facilities located on or near your school district properties, you have complete access to your local operations team.